Welcome To The Hemp+ Store

Manufacturer & Supplier of Pure CBD Oil & CBD Products

Hemp+ is committed to improving the lives of our customers, users, and their families and friends through our HEMP+ brand. Standing behind the purpose of better health through hemp therapeutics, we produce the highest quality, organic, Non-GMO hemp products. We are paving the way to a healthier, happier life for all those who are fortunate enough to use this remarkable gift called the hemp+ plant.

“We Don’t Guarantee Results, We Prove It!”

All of our products are expertly formulated, and 3rd party lab tested, ensuring the highest quality without compromise.

We, along with our joint venture partners, are leading the industrial hemp business from our Midwest HQ in La Crosse, Wisconsin USA.

Finally, we also provide funding to anyone in the Hemp industry through our parent company Ricky Theophilus & Associates, LLC. Our doors are always open to work with anyone in the Hemp industry who is looking for a hand to get started, or to expand what you currently have.