250MG Fire & Ice Muscle Rub – .5oz


Our Fire and Ice Balm is intended for advanced relief of sore muscles, joints, arthritic pains, bruising, sprains, strains, and general trauma. Upon applying a tiny amount one can expect a warm calming sensation that works immediately in relieving pain and discomfort.
Fire and Ice balm was designed to work fast but it’s the underlining penetration and delivery of CBD that promotes its superior lasting effects. The botanical compounds that create these neurological sensations have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years and are amazing compliments to the restorative power of CBD *contains less than .3% THC
*Certified OrganicBeeswax*
Coconut Oil*
Hemp Seed Oil*
Grapeseed Oil*
Jojoba Oil*
Sweet Almond Oil*
Vitamin E
Sunflower Lecithin*
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (Sourced from organically grown Hemp)
Menthol Crystals*
Essential Oils – Camphor, Cajeput*, Clove Bud* , Cassia*, Black Pepper*, Frankincense*, Myrrh, Bergamot*