Pact Act / Resale Tax Documentation

On December 27, 2020, Congress amended the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act to apply to E.N.D.S. (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) products as well as all vaporizer-related products.

In order to continue servicing your business without any interruptions, we are required to gather the following information that is found on this form to be completed and submitted to us. Please understand that the information we are requesting is a requirement to continue providing our products to you and remain in compliance with the USPS and ATF.

In order to send Vaporizers, Vape Accessories or any Vape related products to your Business, the US Government is now requiring that we, GTR Wholesale (and all other Wholesale Companies), Submit the following Documents and Information In Compliance with The Pact Act.


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GTR Wholesale is Required to maintain copies of Valid Business Licenses for All Customer to which it ships Ends Products. Required Documentation Includes, to the Extent Applicable, The Following Business Licenses, Sales Tax Licenses, Tobacco / Ends product Licenses. Please attach copies of your company's current Business Licenses for each state in which you do buiness.

Copy of your Resale Permit for your state with your Resale Number or EIN Number
Copy of your State Tobacco Permit
Upload photo of your Store Front to Verify Store Name and Physical Location